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Kunawong House Museum

The Kunawong House Museum is located at No. 33, Soi Lad Phrao 54, Wangthonglang District, Bangkok. It was established to transmit inspiration across various branches of art, including different types of puppets, headdresses, Benjarong porcelain, Thai handicrafts, antiques, paintings from Thai tradition to modern works, Thai sculpture, and furniture from various periods, both Thai and European. It covers a diverse range of techniques and historical periods, all of significant value, curated with over 1,000 artworks displayed across 5,000 square meters, both outside and inside the building, divided into 3 zones: the Garden of Life, the Residence, and the Cubic Building, which are further divided into 19 sub-zones. Each zone has its character and story hidden including the Buddhist Sanctuary, the Living Room of Era’s Dialogues, the Thai Heritage Tea Room, the Red Reading Room, the Dawn Dining Room, the Portrait Staircase, the Chakkraband Room, the Meditation Room, the Hallway of Buddhist’s Art, the Abstract Art Penthouse, The Secret Spiral Staircase, the Khien Yimsiri Garden, the Parlour, the Garuda Room, the Study Room, the Kacha Lounge, the Sermkhun’s Studio, the Gallery, and the Grand Staircase Hall, all reflecting the perspectives and eras of various artists, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the aesthetic experience, surrounded by the engaging stories and views of one man's vision.

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