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Cubic Building

A multipurpose building with rooms for various uses, divided into 7 zones including a dining room, a living room, a study room, a music lounge, an art workshop, a gallery, and a grand staircase hall.


Grand Garuda Room – Formal Dining Room

The Garuda Room is a formal dining room. Inside, the room features the Garuda, a work of art by Silpa Bhirasri and his students, standing prominently and commandingly at the head of the room. It is surrounded by eight uniquely patterned round carved wooden pillars, works of art by Thawan Duchanee. In addition, there are several other works by Thawan Duchanee at the back of the room, such as a 2-meter oil painting that depicts Prince Siddartha’s stripping off regalia, known as the Great Departure or Mahabhinishkramana, to seek the Dharma of liberation to alleviate his suffering and others, until he succeeded in becoming the Enlightened Buddha.  Also, two knives have been designed with inspiration from the shapes of metal from two types of animals, with handles that are fangs or horns in natural shapes, which are characteristic of Thawan’s. There are also four paintings about Garuda by Patdanu Temeekul, adorning both sides of the room, and a Bas-relief sculpture of Narayana in a relaxed pose, specially designed for the Garuda room.

The Parlour – Living Room

A modern-style lounge decorated with soft, soothing colors such as light parquet wood, light-colored wallpaper, and a white Flos Zeppelin S1 chandelier designed by Marcel Wanders in 2005, along with vintage furniture. This is to amplify the art within the room to stand out beautifully and catch the eye. The art in the room consists of works from master artists and outstanding artists such as Chalood Nimsamer, Uab Sanasen, Sawat Tantisuk, Chamruang Vichienket, especially the significant collection of works by Preecha Taotong from the year 2015 to the present, and others, perfectly showcasing the identity of the artists.

The Study Room

Study Room is Sermkhun’s private workspace enhanced with a Victorian Study Room style. It is decorated in an Eclectic style with furniture of various shapes, materials, and styles from different eras perfectly arranged together. The uniqueness of the room can be felt not just in the replication of a Western Victorian Study Room but in the furniture's diversity and the layout style, creating an atmosphere that blends both Eastern and Western elements. Inside the room, a multitude of artworks are arranged, such as the sculptures of Professor Silpa Bhirasri, Khien Yimsiri, and paintings by Vasan Sitthiket. Additionally, it houses a collection of sculptures and paintings by an important Cubism artist in Asia, Sompot Upa-in. Furthermore, there are five pieces by Montien Boonma, an artist particularly admired by the homeowner, on display. These works range from the beginning of his career as an artist to the last series of his life.