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The Living Room of Era's Dialogues

In this high-ceiling hall decorated in Eclectic style art works and furniture pieces that have various shapes, styles and origins are harmoniously gathered together. Here audiences can imagine that the Victorian-Gothic chair from the age of King James II is talking with the chair of Marquise Bergere from 19th AD and the chair named Lazy’05 armchair Z built by Patricia Urquiola in 2005 without any “generation gaps”. On the ceiling above there is the sculpture named “The Four and the Eye of Horus” portraying an old Egyptian eye surrounded by four zodiac signs (of four people who in the museum house) floating in the water stream, which has been designed by Sermkhun himself and molded by Thanadon Derujijaroen. Nevertheless, on the white wall is shown some more interesting works; for example, Jittanuwat (Coming after the mind) which amazingly portrays the Buddha’s face with hidden animals drawn and paint by Panya Vijinthanasarn (Thai National Artist of year 2014), an important surrealistic work of Prateap Kochabua and a painting of Preecha Thaothong: one of the artists who can excellently portray light and shade. On the floor lays a huge grid cabinet expressing the owner’s art affection, life story and memory through trinkets.

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