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The Garden of Buddhist Sculptures

The Garden of Buddhist Sculptures is situated at the front of the museum. On the external greensward are displayed works inspired by Buddhist philosophy towards human’s life stages: birth, oldness, sickness and death together with other human’s natures; for example, life struggling, love, human’s relation, peace of mind, cessation of worldly suffering, etc. Almost all the works here belong to Thai National Artists e.g. Grace of Mercy by Panya Vijinthanasarn, Relationship by Nonthivathn Chandhanaphalin, Life and Subconscious Mind 8 by Kiettisak Chanonnart, Anatta by Chamruang Vichienket, Different Kinds of Bird by Chatmongkon Insawang, Jharn (One step of meditation) Noppadon Viroonchatapun, etc. 

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