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Kunawong House

Kunawong House has been built up to pass on the art inspiration through several kinds of Thai and European works: puppets and marionettes, headdresses, Thai porcelain wares, handicrafts, antiquities, Thai paintings both traditional and contemporary styles, Thai sculptures and furniture. There are more than 1000 selected valuable pieces with different techniques divided into 12 distinctive zones:
1) The Garden of Buddhist Sculptures
2) Hall of Contemporary Dialogues
3) Thai Heritage Room
4) Thai Dawn of Art Room
5) Portrait Hall
6) Chakrabhand Posayakrit’s Room
7) Meditation Room
8) Buddhist Art Dome
9) Thai Ways of Lives Garden
10) Abstract Art Room
11) The Spiral Staircase of Art for Society’s Sake and
12) Sermkhun Kunawong’s Art Studio.
Visitors can enjoy the esthetic expression of art in the internal (three-storeyed building) and external areas, as well.
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